The Texas Black Expo is committed to you, the diverse individuals who have invested their time, talent, and energy into building strong families, businesses, and communities. Thus, we consider ourselves partners with you, and we take this partnership seriously.

Though the Juneteenth Summer Celebration, the signature event of the Texas Black Expo, is the largest cultural marketing tradeshow in the state of Texas, the Texas Black Expo is much more than a tradeshow. It is a socially-responsible, state-wide community organization dedicated to strengthening communities, inspiring youth, and building better lives for us all.

The Texas Black Expo team is here to serve you. It is our goal to strategically connect corporations and businesses of every size and dimension with you, the people they serve every day, in order to create informational resources and economic synergies that will result in increased development in our communities.
Working together, we can make a difference in our communities. With each individual doing his part, working in tandem with our dedicated team, we will measurably impact lives of youth, families, and business owners throughout the state. We look forward to partnering with you to affect positive social change that we can all believe in!


Jerome Love