The Black Money Tree
Podcast Inaugural Episode
Season 1 - Episode 1

Ebony & Jet Co-owner Eden Bridgeman-Sklenar Talks Growing Up with Wealth & Passing It on to the Next Generation

“We have to equip that [next] generation to be about something more
than the latest shoes. Not only can you wear the shoes, but do you
understand how do you make money around it?
How do you become part of the supply chain in a meaningful way
instead of just being the end consumer?”
– Eden Bridgeman-Sklenar

In October 2021, The Black Money Tree Podcast kicked off to teach people how to increase wealth in Black communities through empowering initiatives focused on real estate investment and entrepreneurship.

Season One of the podcast launched with amazing insights from Mrs. Eden Bridgeman-Sklenar, the only daughter of NBA legend Junior Bridgeman, whose family recently became the new owners of EBONY and JET magazines.

Our podcast audience has already chimed in about the nuggets that our special guest shared regarding the importance of the intergenerational transmission of wealth.

In this podcast episode, Eden discussed everything from the lessons she learned growing up in a wealthy household, to each family member’s role in maintaining and passing on that wealth to the next generation, to how no person achieves success alone, to the re-vamped return of the JET Beauty of the Week!

You won’t want to miss all that Eden Bridgeman-Sklenar has to share in this inaugural podcast episode. It is sure to change your money mentality and point you in the direction of your own path toward building wealth!

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