TSBEMS Welcomes Texas Small Business Owners!

The Texas Small Business Emergency Micro-grant Source (TSBEMS) was developed to provide emergency funding assistance for Texas small business owners in order to help them continue to function when unexpected financial challenges threaten their daily operations.

The micro-grant fund, which is funded through the generosity of various agencies, corporate entities, and individuals, is our collective way of contributing to the survival and success of small businesses: the primary drivers of the U.S. economy!

Applying for TSBEMS Funding

What Are the Criteria for Applying for TSBEMS Funds
Entrepreneurs who own businesses that meet the following criteria may apply for funds:

• Business has been open for at least 2 years and is currently open for business

• Business is currently registered with the State of Texas

• Business has not previously received a micro-grant from TSBEMS

• Business has suffered some type of damage or loss beyond the owner’s control, which has presented the need for emergency funds in order to continue daily operations
How Can TSBEMS Funds Be Used?
TSBEMS funds will be granted and may be used for the follow purposes:

• To repair or replace broken or damaged equipment, tools and/or machinery necessary for daily business operations

• To repair or replace equipment, tools, machinery and/or inventory missing due to theft or natural disaster

• To acquire new equipment and/or technology necessary for continued business operations

• To purchase raw materials, resources, staffing, etc. necessary to accept and fulfill a sales or business contract that can potentially result in the small business scaling up to its next level

• Other specials purposes as approved at the discretion of the TSBEMS funding committee
What Does the TSBEMS Application Process Entail?
When developing the TSBEMS program, our goal was to make the application process a user-friendly one and to ensure that the requirements were attainable for small businesses. In light of this, applicants are required to submit the following (all through the online application portal):

• A brief online application

• 3 months of personal bank statements

• 3 months of business bank statements / PayPal statements

• Most recent copy of the business’ tax return (or tax personal return if business is filed on entrepreneur’s personal return
What Will My Obligations Be as a TSBEMS Grant Recipient?
Prior to receiving a TSBEMS Micro-grant, grant recipients must consent to the following conditions:

• Agreeing to the business owner’s name, picture or likeness being used in TSBEMS reporting, publications and social media related to the grant

• Utilizing all funds within 3 months of receiving them from TSBEMS

• Providing receipts verifying that funds were solely utilized for their intended purpose

• Not utilizing grant funds for any illegal activity

• Immediately returning grant funds if they are not used within 3 months and/or if they are not used for the purposes described in the application

• Agreeing to respond to any audit requests pertaining to the use of grant funds

• Completing a program survey within 30 days of utilizing grant funds, including but not limited to how funds were used, the impact of the funds on the business, employee hiring and wage information.

More Frequently Asked Questions

What size are the micro-grant awards from TSBEMS?
TSBEMS micro-grants range from $100 to $1,000.
Will I have to repay funds that I receive from TSBEMS?
No. No funds will need to be repaid to TSBEMS at any time. We simply ask that, at some point, you ‘pay it forward’ by supporting other small businesses when they find themselves in need.
What is the timeline for the TSBEMS application process?
Grant applications are received during the first three weeks of each month. During the fourth week of the month, phone interviews are conducted with applicants who have submitted COMPLETE grant applications, and the TSBEMS funding committee meets to determine which business owners will receive grant awards.
How will I know whether or not I have been awarded a micro-grant from TSBEMS?
At the beginning of the first week of the month following the submission of your grant application, you will be notified about the decision made concerning your grant application via e-mail. Grant recipients will also be contacted by telephone.
How soon will I receive TSBEMS micro-grant funds if they are awarded to me?
Grant applications are evaluated during the last week of the month. Grant award recipients are typically notified during the first week of the following month, and funds are usually available within 48 – 72 hours of notification.
How many micro-grant awards does TSBEMS make each month?
TSBEMS grants as many micro-grants as funds availability allows. We are a non-profit organization, so we rely on the contributions of other funding entities, sponsorships and individual contributions to supply our funding pool with financial resources to help small businesses. The more funds that TSBEMS receives from these contributors, the greater the number of micro-grants we can award to businesses in need on a monthly basis.
Will the TSBEMS funding committee let me know why I was denied a micro-grant if I do not receive funding?
Because of the number of applications that the funding committee has to review on a monthly basis, they will not provide specifics about why your individual application was denied. Each application is evaluated according to a point system in which points are given to the applicant in a number of areas, and if your application was not awarded, it could be as simple as you having a good application but other applicants having stronger applications that resulted in a higher number of total points. Should you have any additional questions or would like additional details following notification that you did not receive an award, you may contact [email protected].
If my TSBEMS application is denied this month, will it automatically roll over and be considered for the following month?
No. Un-awarded applications do not automatically roll over to the following month. Business owners must submit an application for each month that they would like to be considered for a micro-grant. However, you may re-submit the same application that you previously submitted, if you like.
If my TSBEMS grant application is denied, can I apply again the following month?
Yes, you may apply as many times as you like for a TSBEMS micro-grant. However, please note that frequency of application neither increases nor guarantees whether or not you will be awarded a micro-grant.
Contact Us
Got questions? Please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Please note that due to the large number of inquiries and applications, you may not receive an immediate, same-day response. We make every effort to respond to all inquiries within 24 business hours.

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