The Power of Networking for Entrepreneurs
...and Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn't Miss the Networking Opportunity of the Year!

On Friday, May 19th at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, Texas Black Expo will host its annual Corporate Luncheon in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Texas Black Expo. With Magic Johnson as the guest speaker and a Who's Who of Houston's business world all in one room, it's going to be epic.

While this event is a highly anticipated event in Houston’s corporate and nonprofit community, it is also a prime opportunity for small business owners to network and meet many of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion decision makers at top corporations.

It is said that the next big move to many entrepreneurs’ businesses could be in meeting the right person or making the right contact. Meeting new people can result in generating new connections that can lead to new business opportunities, giving a business the boost it needs to sustain itself or even scale up and grow.

Fortunately, at TBE’s Corporate Luncheon, attended by many high-powered corporate influencers and decision makers, the right contacts will be in the room – and savvy entrepreneurs should be, too.

Each year, after entrepreneurs use events like the TBE Corporate Luncheon to connect with their next potential customer, advisor, investor, or mentor, we receive testimonials about what an impressive gathering of corporate executives, small business leaders, political representatives and key influencers are in the room.

Smart entrepreneurs do not simply use the event to celebrate our corporate award winners and eat a delicious lunch; they come with the following goals:

Building Connections: They have a plan to interact with other professionals, not just for small talk, but for building valuable connections that can lead to new business opportunities. Expanding Business: They meet as many people and pass out as many cards as they can, doing so to increase their visibility, expand their reach, and gain exposure to potential customers, investors, and partners. Learning and Development: They use the opportunity to learn and gain skills and knowledge from experienced entrepreneurs, business experts, and industry leaders. Feedback: They ask questions and collect valuable feedback on their products or services from potential customers and industry experts, which can help them improve their offerings and business strategy.

Considering the valuable networking opportunities that will be available for the taking at Texas Black Expo’s Corporate Luncheon, this is an event you don’t want to miss! For tickets, visit