Amerigroup, an Anthem Company, is a proud sponsor of the Texas Black Expo. One of the first sponsors of the We All Eat Texas program, which provides residents experiencing food insecurity due to the COVID-19 pandemic with free daily meals from local restaurants, Amerigroup remains a leader in culturally sensitive initiatives that address the health and well being of underserved communities.

The organization, which embraces a Three R approach to delivery culturally competent services that includes the recognition of, respect of, and response to the culture and ethnicity of its members while preserving and elevating their dignity, has actively helped millions of Texans since 1996.

Additionally, Amerigroup demonstrates its commitment to diversity and inclusion by:
- Using cultural competency training curriculum;
- Fostering an organizational culture that promotes cultural sensitivity;
- Addressing health disparities in healthcare; and
- Ensuring that culturally competent care is delivered to all of the members it serves.

Perhaps most importantly, Amerigroup develops collaborative relationships with partners in communities that address the health beliefs and needs of ethnic and cultural populations. Commitment to this value is demonstrated through its support of organizations like Texas Black Expo, which is committed to improving the overall quality of life of the Black community.

According to Amerigroup President, _____, “[insert quote].”

The Texas Black Expo values its relationship with Amerigroup and its support in helping to reduce the number of food-insecure individuals in Texas through the We All Eat program. Since the program’s inception in October 2020, the We All Eat Texas program has served more than 606,859 healthy meals to food-insecure families while providing $7,540,185 in economic stimulus to participating restaurants.

For more information about Amerigroup’s diversity and inclusion and how it strengthens communities, click here.