Texas Black Expo is grateful to have Amerigroup Texas aligned with its mission to support the We All Eat Texas initiative, which TBE developed as an innovative solution to help families make it through the COVID-19 crisis.

Amerigroup Texas, one of the state’s largest coordinators of Medicaid benefits, joined Texas Black Expo to collaboratively increase health equity by addressing culturally sensitive issues and helping underserved communities improve health and lives.

As part of this collaboration, Amerigroup provided a sponsorship to become one of the first corporate champions to support the We All Eat Texas program, which was launched in October 2020, to help families struggling with food insecurity. The program provides free daily meals to families from local restaurants and reimburses the restaurants for the expense.

Amerigroup’s sponsorship will assist the We All Eat Texas program to reach its goal of feeding one million meals to families impacted by the pandemic.

“Amerigroup Texas serves to identify the disparities that are impacting communities, and to develop solutions that can meaningfully improve health and lives,” said Greg Thompson, Amerigroup Texas President. “Through our collaboration with Texas Black Expo, and support of the We All Eat Texas program, we expect to apply our expertise in diversity and inclusion to bridge inequities, empower families and strengthen entire communities for generations to come.”

Amerigroup Texas has also been serving the state since 1996 and has more than one million Texans who are enrolled in its Medicaid and Medicare health plans. To learn more about Amerigroup’s diversity and inclusion efforts, as well as how it supports the empowerment of communities, click here.

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