The Texas Black Expo offers many programs to serve its members and the business community as well as to serve the overall community and add to the quality of life in Houston Texas and surrounding communities.

Tradeshow & Exhibition

The signature event of the Texas Black Expo, the annual Expo tradeshow highlights the products and services of more than 200 small businesses and scores of corporate sponsors, and features demonstrations, national entertainment, seminars, fun for kids, and lots of other activities that are fun for the entire family!

Health Fair

Understanding that African Americans are at the forefront of America’s health crisis, this health fair is a collaboration of dozens of agencies that band together to offer free health screenings, exams, demonstrations on healthy living, and information designed to help individuals to live long, healthy lives.

Lunch & Learn

These monthly seminars provide complimentary lunch and practical, useful information for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs to assist them in developing skills and knowledge that will help their businesses grow and succeed.

Youth Internship Program

Understanding that youth will only become what they are exposed to, this program takes aspiring young people and locates job opportunities for them during the summer months that will allow them to experience a variety of careers in order to broaden their horizons, teach them critical job skills, and help them to discover their occupational passion in life!

TBE Business Development Center

Offering reduced rental rates, shared office equipment and personnel resources, and monthly business development seminars, Texas Black Expo Business Development Centers are created with the purpose of giving fledgling small business an opportunity to succeed in today’s competitive business world.

Mentorship Program

Every minute of time and energy that is invested into the life of a young person is worth the investment, and we believe that each one, in time, will yield a return! For this reason, we facilitate the development of relationships between youth and business professionals who serve as mentors that impart wisdom and inspiration for the sake of helping young people to develop goals and life skills that will contribute to their future success!

Home Ownership Forum

Organizations and agencies come together for this annual event to offer credit repair, financing, and other critical resources that are needed to inform and walk potential first time home buyers through the process of attaining their piece of the American dream through home ownership.