TBE News & Highlights | July 2021

News, events and highlights from Texas Black Expo, a socially-responsible, state-wide community organization dedicated to strengthening communities, inspiring youth, and building better lives for us all.
The past nearly year and a half has been a busy one, affecting everything from businesses and the economy to people’s health, relationships and careers. No one and nothing in our world has gone untouched by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with all of the negativity that has been reported in the news due to this unprecedented historical event, there have also been many positive moments that have managed to shine through the darkness. The Texas Black Expo has had a hand in several of these moments, and we are excited to share them with you through our new newsletter. Additionally, we look forward to using this newsletter to keep you up to date on the many things that Texas Black Expo is doing to stimulate growth and development within urban communities by strengthening businesses, inspiring youth, and building better lives. We aim to bring you news and information that will inspire, educate and empower you to take your business, organization, or community participation to the next level. If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you can stay informed about all of the important and exciting things happening at the Texas Black Expo, delivered straight to your inbox. Thanks for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing with you!

– Jerome Love, President, Texas Black Expo