Patner Spotlight
Houston Area Urban League

Since 1968, the Houston Area Urban League (HAUL) has been committed to protecting the interests of those who have been put aside, dismissed, and marginalized in the U.S. Similar to the Texas Black Expo, HAUL works to empower the community through programming that fosters economic self-reliance, the power of justice, education and advocacy.


The alignment of values centered on empowering communities and changing lives shared with TBE has made HAUL and outstanding community partner for the past two decades. With their support, we have made a magnified impact on disadvantaged communities and underrepresented businesses in Texas.

The Houston Area Urban League (HAUL) was organized in June 1968 as a nonprofit 501(c)3 agency. Affiliated with the United Way and National Urban League, HAUL advocates for and provides social services to disadvantaged people of all races, gender, age groups, and/or disabilities.


HAUL operates the following six (6) programs targeting residents in economically disadvantaged geographic areas in the Greater Houston areas: Education and Youth Development; Workforce and Economic Development; Workforce Training; Housing; Social Justice; and Health and Wellness Initiatives.


The HAUL impacts thousands of people each year. Its mission is to enable Black people and other marginalized communities to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power, and civil rights and its vision is for a community where all Black people and other marginalized communities are clearly at parity with America's promise of opportunity, equality, and justice.


Texas Black Expo appreciates our longstanding relationship and commitment that the HAUL has offered to our organization as a community partner. For more information about HAUL, visit