Entrepreneurs, Get Ready:$5,000 Awaits the Next Successful Elevator Pitch!

Texas Black Expo CEO Roundtable & Elevator Pitch Competition
Submission Portal Opens: November 22 - December 22, 2021
Live Competition: January 2022

The entrepreneur community is getting excited about TBE’s annual Elevator Pitch Competition and CEO Roundtable! The opportunity to pitch their business to a panel of local business experts for a chance to win a $5,000 grand prize has business owners dusting off their business plans and crafting the perfect one-minute sales pitch.

If you are preparing to enter your business in the competition, here are several tips to consider when crafting the perfect pitch that could help you walk away with $5,000!

The ideal pitch should BE:
- No more than 75-100 words - Approximately 5-6 sentences long - About one minute in length - Highly persuasive with the goal of sparking interest in your product/service - Memorable - Practiced over and over again

The ideal pitch should INCLUDE:
- An introduction to who you are and what product/service you offer
- A description of your ideal customer
- An explanation of what problem you solve or need you meet for your ideal customer
- A picture of the results your customer will experience after using your product/service
- Spark interest in your product/service such that the listener says, “Tell me more!”

How the Elevator Pitch Competition Works

Ensure that you remain subscribed to the TBE Newsletter to receive updates and notifications about the application portal opening for the Elevator Pitch Competition in November 2021.

When the application portal opens:
- Upload a video recording of your elevator pitch during the submission window.
- From the video submissions, five finalists will be selected.
- Finalists will make their pitch in person during the live competition in January 2022!
Have questions or need more information? Contact [email protected].