Black Money Tree Releases Exciting New Podcast
Episodes: Antoine Bryant & Warren Broadnax

It’s almost the end of the year, so it’s time to evaluate those goals. How are you progressing with your financial goals? Are you operating at the same level you were back in January? If so, something’s got to give.


It’s time for you to access some new content that will shift the way you think about and manage money, and this content is closer than you think. Not only is it at your fingertips and available on demand, but, best of all, it’s absolutely free. It’s the Black Money Tree Podcast.



A problem cannot be solved by the same mind that created it. Unless you’ve been intentional about introducing 

new content about money, you can expect to have the same mentality – and the same results – 10 years from now. 



This new season of the podcast will boost your financial intelligence and help you think about money in different ways that can literally change your life. You don’t want to miss our next two upcoming episodes, soon to be released!



Antoine Bryant, NOMA Architect, City of Detroit

Release Date: November 10th


Antoine Bryant, NOMA, Assoc. AIA, APA, serves as the Director of Planning and Development for the City of Detroit. He is a thought leader and community engagement expert with over 25 years of experience in the planning and design, development, and empowerment of underserved communities across the nation.


Prior to relocating to Detroit in 2021, Bryant made an extensive impact on the Houston community. As Executive Director of Row House Community Development Corporation (Row House CDC), he managed and directed the construction of the award-winning Row House Duplexes, the newest quality affordable housing in Houston’s Third Ward in over 15 years. He also led numerous planning and engagement efforts over the years, including serving as a Public Engagement lead with Houston’s METRO, resulting in a 500% increase in critical community engagement activities during his tenure. Bryant also served as a Project Manager and Director of Business Development for the Houston office of Moody Nolan, a nationally recognized architecture firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.


Warren Broadnax, Co-founder, She's Happy Hair

Release Date: November 24th 


Warren Broadnax launched She’s Happy Hair, one of the nation’s leading virgin hair suppliers, in 2012. Broadnax grew up in poverty, but with hard work, dedication and motivation, he now has an extremely successful career. In 2012, Broadnax embarked on a journey to become an entrepreneur with his business partner, Marcus Bowers. The pair invested $900 and began selling quality virgin hair out of the trunk of their cars. From this concept, She’s Happy Hair was birthed. With much determination, the venture expanded to include seven thriving stores with three locations in Houston, two in Dallas, one in Detroit, and the newest location in Atlanta. The company has successfully secured an agreement with Walmart, a monumental feat for the first time in the company’s history.



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