Black Money Tree Podcast Season 2
Launches with Marcus Davis on Lessons on Building Wealth through a Culinary Empire

People are still talking about, re-listening to, and sharing podcast episodes Season 2 of the Black Money Tree podcast!

The money mentality nuggets that guests like Ron Devoe (New Edition), Rushion McDonald (Steve Harvey Media Empire), Percy Creuzot (Frenchy’s Chicken), and so many others dropped during the first season with BMT founder Jerome Love were valuable and unforgettable.

On September 15, 2022, by popular demand of the fast-growing Black Money Tree podcast audience, Season 2 of the Black Money Tree podcast will return with a fascinating lineup of guests sharing sound, practical wealth-building principles. Season 2 guests include:

MaddHatta - Content Director, KTSU and Radio Personality Zawadi Bryant - President, Acute Care Pediatrics Travis Townsend - Co-founding partner, Torinity Antoine Bryant – NOMA Architect, Director of Planning and Development for City of Detroit Warren Broadnax - Co-founder, She's Happy Hair Dr. Dana Carson - Founder & Senior Pastor, The R.O.C.K. Church

The first guest of the new season will be one of the most celebrated and successful restaurateurs in Houston’s Black community, Marcus Davis.

Starting from scratch, Davis has established one of the most successful culinary brands in the nation, building his wealth through entrepreneurship.

Davis is the owner of the nationally recognized restaurant, the breakfast klub, which is a cult favorite with locals and one of the must-stop spots at the top of the list for celebrities, entertainers, political hopefuls, and tourists who travel to Houston.

The long line of hungry guests that snakes out of the establishment’s front door and wraps around the building every day is a testament to the goodness that lay inside, from its signature wings and waffles to its irresistible katfish and grits.

The breakfast klub has achieved national recognition including: Named one of 50 "Top Rated Restaurants" in Texas by (2019) Included on Texas Monthly's list of the 40 best breakfast spots in Texas (2011). Named one of's best bets for breakfast in the U.S. (2010) One of Four Finalists for Good Morning America's America's Best Breakfast (2010) Included on Esquire magazine's list of the 59 Best Breakfast Places in America (2009)

Davis also owns other successful eateries, including The Reggae Hut and Kulture, also favorites among locals, tourists and foodies.

It's no stretch to say that Marcus David is a self-made success story who started from scratch, worked smarter, and built a culinary empire that he used to build wealth… but how did he do it? What principles and values did he employ to achieve success? How did he handle the wealth he acquired and manage it to continue expanding his empire?

Learn the answers to these and other questions about Marcus Davis’ money mentality on the first episode of Season 2 of the Black Money Tree and be prepared to take notes on how you can apply some of his key success principles to your own life!

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