Bell Biv Devoe's Ronnie Devoe Featured on Black Money Tree Podcast

The long-awaited Black Money Tree (BMT) podcast will launch on October 15th!

The podcast is designed to change the money mentality of African Americans through informative interviews that feature practical principles, relevant insights, and inspiring stories of African Americans who have successfully built wealth and can empower others toward the same path.

Several exciting personalities are among the inaugural lineup of guests who will share their insights about breaking out of the cycle of poverty and building wealth as they are interviewed on the podcast.

Upcoming guests include:
- Ronnie DeVoe – Owner of DeVoe Real Estate and R&B Musician (New Edition, Bell Biv Devoe)
- Eden Bridgeman Sklenar – Owner of Ebony Magazine and Jet Magazine
- Rushion McDonald – Emmy Award-winning Producer and Host of Money Making Conversations

To listen to the Black Money Tree podcast, visit and click on “Podcast.” Previous podcast episodes can also be accessed on demand through Individuals who have knowledge that can be of value to the BMT audience in the areas of financial intelligence and wealth building and desire to be a featured podcast guest may also submit a request for consideration through the BMT website.

Elevating the voices of business and community leaders and highlights the ways in which they are elevating the Black community, the BMT podcast covers topics from all sectors of life including wealth building, education, health, social justice, career and more.

The BMT podcast is produced by Jerome Love in partnership with the Texas Black Expo. Developed by Jerome Love, Black Money Tree is a wealth development system delivered through a curriculum that empowers Black people with the education, support and resources they need to understand and build wealth and to achieve both individual and collective economic sufficiency for generations to come.

Texas Black Expo, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to stimulate growth and development within urban communities by strengthening businesses, inspiring youth, and building better lives.

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