“Banking on YOU" Lunch & Learn Series
Blows the Minds of Black Entrepreneurs with What’s New on the Business Horizon

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Black business owners recently learned how to level up in every area from their technology, to their banking and staffing operations during Texas Black Expo’s “Banking on You” business series sponsored by Microsoft.

Raamel Mitchell, Global Director of Microsoft’s Black Partner Growth Initiative, Carla Lane, founder and CEO of Lane Staffing, and members of the Comerica Bank team presented strategies and recommendations and heads-up knowledge for what was coming down the pipeline in their industries that made business owners immediately begin pulling out their devices and take note.

“You don’t get this kind of information just anywhere,” commented one attendee. “I mean, you never know what you don’t know until people like this show up and tell you so many things that you’re just uninformed about as an entrepreneur!”

Many times, business owners assume they know what’s happening in these industries and take for granted that what they know is sufficient to sustain their operations and keep them competitive. However, as our executive-level presenters highlighted, there is so much more than can be done outside of the traditional, conventional wisdom with which business owners operate.

The new and innovative insights and approaches that executive-level presenters offer are not ones that would typically come to mind for the average entrepreneur, making special presentations like these essential to business owners’ next level of growth and success!

Texas Black Expo is pleased to offer this level of programming to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, recognizing that new knowledge is necessary to take new action, and new action – not the same, everyday actions the entrepreneur takes to remain the same -- is the only thing that will get them to their next level.

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