Aspire Youth Entrepreneurs Summer Camp: Getting Kids Started on the Entrepreneurial Journey

The sun is shining, the cold weather clothes are being packed away, the flowers are blooming, and the temperature is starting to rise. It all points to summer being just around the corner. While some parents are looking ahead to when their kids will be out of school and booking their travel plans to beaches and amusement parks, others are focused on ensuring that their youth take advantage of the summer months through learning and growth opportunities. That’s where the Aspire Youth Entrepreneur Summer Camp comes in. Presented annually by the Texas Black Expo, the Aspire Youth Summer Camp provides interactive training in entrepreneurship, business planning, and finance over a two-week all-day summer camp experience.

Click here for a video preview of the 2022 summer camp!

Daily activities consist of fun technology-based teachings, hands-on trainings, group and team activities, VIP tours and field trips to businesses founded and led by people of color, the opportunity to learn from exclusive speakers of color representing multi-million dollar organizations, and more.

As Texas Black Expo founder, Jerome D. Love, often says, “Youth can only aspire to be what they can see. Exposing them to successful people who look like them while they are young is essential to helping them dream in the direction of success and to inspire them to work hard to get there.”

In addition to this exposure and to practical business and finance education that break down complex concepts in ways easy for youth to understand, the camp concludes with a team business plan competition, which allows youth to practically apply the concepts they learned during the camp. Business plans are pitched before a panel of business experts in the community, allowing campers to practice confidence, public speaking, and clear presentation skills.

Overall, the Aspire Youth Entrepreneur Summer Camp offers youth the rare chance to learn valuable principles and skills that will advance them ahead of their peers. It is a valuable, can’t-miss opportunity to grow during the summer, but space is limited!

Interested in enrolling your youth?
Enrollment is open for the summer 2022 session of the Aspire camp, which will be held June 13-24, 2022 in person. Parents of youth ages 13-17 are encouraged to visit to enroll.