AI and ChatGPT:
What Black Business Owners Need to Know to Avoid Getting Left Behind the AI Curve

Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave, you’ve likely heard about the current iterations of artificial intelligence, or AI. The most popular one to hit the scene and cause a buzz: ChatGPT.

If you don’t know about open AI sources like Chat GPT yet, you should. This next wave of technology is here to make life easier and more efficient and can even help business owners operate more intelligently.

Consider this scenario: you need some content, or “copy,” for a newsletter that you want to send to your customer base, but you either hate writing or know that you’re a terrible writer.

Imagine going to a website, typing in the topic of a newsletter article, and having it spit out an eight-paragraph article with grammatically-correct, insightful content that is also interesting and intelligent.

Then, imagine it producing the article in 10 seconds, so that “writing” a newsletter goes from taking you six hours to six minutes. That’s the power of AI like ChatGPT… and it’s here waiting for you.

If you are a small business owner who has not begun using AI, you’re behind the curve, and you need to catch up – fast. AI is already being used in nearly every industry imaginable, from healthcare, to business, to the arts, to finance.

If you’re not using it in your industry in some shape form or fashion, one can almost guarantee that your competitors who are aware of and are using AI have an advantage over you.

It is being used to not only handle simple, “nuisance” tasks like writing letters, articles and emails, but it is also being used to solve complex problems like analyzing data, detecting fraud and even diagnosing diseases.

Another reason business owners need to be aware of the various AI technologies that exist and their capabilities is because without this knowledge, business owners can very well be offering value propositions that will be automated by AI in the near future.

Not only that, but they will do so with greater precision, scope and capacity than their human capabilities. In other words, AI could be putting business owners out of business beyond their realization.

However, we encourage Black business owners to be informed and get ahead of the AI curve because of the many business opportunities that AI creates. Just imagine all of the unlimited product and service innovations that AI can be used to create, allowing entrepreneurs to solve problems and meet needs through technology.

So, what should the Black business owner do concerning AI? Research it, look into it, pull it up, experiment with it, and learn how to integrate it into your business operations. Then, once you’re familiar with what’s available and how it works, begin dreaming up new opportunities that you can pursue through the use of AI.

The future is here, so don’t allow your business to remain stuck in the past. Stay ahead of the curve by not just being informed but by actively engaging in the presence of the future today through AI!